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As any other ESD supplier or distributor, ESD SuperStat® has a wide range of ESD products such as ESD chairs, ESD workbenches, ESD clothing, ESD Shoes, ESD floor&table mats, ESD protected packaging, etc. to provide static solutions.

In which we distinguish ourselves from other ESD-distributors, is the point where we share our ESD knowledge and experience with our customers. We are committed to deliver solution-oriented work. All our ESD manufactures are carefully selected and all products are tested.


We welcome all who looking for an Electrostatic Discharge Control Training Program. In order to maintain the quality in your products, ESD awareness is essential for everyone in your organization.


When working with electronic components, in particular , unprotected ESD sensitive devices , it is imperative that we focus on good grounding. Before you get started with ESD - sensitive devices, make sure that your personal grounding tools like ESD Apparel, ESD grounding cables, ESD wristbands, ESD heel earthing strip, ESD shoes, field service kits be checked to ensure that they function properly.  All personal  ESD grounding resources, as well as ESD test equipment, can be found on our ESD web shop.  In addition, our range of ESD safe products supplemented with ESD flooring and ESD table mats, ESD Anti Fatigue Mats, Ergonomic mats, anti-static anti-stress mats, ESD puzzle flooring, ESD packaging, ESD bags, ESD storage bins, ESD garments, ESD cleaning and maintenance products, portable ESD vacuum cleaners, ESD tables in various configurations .

ESD Measuring is knowing. The ideal combination, ESD knowledge coupled to appropriate measuring equipment .

SuperStat® delivers worldwide i.e. directly or through our dealer network.


ESD (Electro static discharge) is the biggest enemy for whom work with electronic boards and components which are sensitive to static electricity.

We invite you to visit our ESD-shop and in case you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting us: