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ESD Puzzle Floor 7mm Lock tile

ESD Puzzle Floor 7mm Lock tile

Order No : CDM00031

Long Description
Lock-Tile® is injection moulded using virgin material. Lock-Tile® tiles are manufactured to the highest quality standards on the basis of a
certified ISO 9001 quality management system.
Product Information

Our RT-ESD flooring tiles are injection moulded using special compound that ensures that the product has excellent ESD properties guaranteed for life. Our RT-ESD flooring disperses static electricity through its bulk electric conductivity properties. When installed with a suitable earthing (grounding) system, it is designed to provide a floor compliant with the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1 for electronics industry applications, but can be used in many other industries where conductive floors are required for grounding personnel, trolleys or other equipment.

The RT-ESD tile is manufactured from hardwearing PVC. RT floors are chemical and oil resistant, require minimal upkeep and are available in textured finish offering anti-slip properties. Available in 5mm and 7mm (textured only) thickness, Although designed for electronics industry use, RT floors are tough and versatile enough to cope with a wide range of industrial environments having proved their suitability in some of Europe’s leading manufacturing and engineering companies.
Properly installed and grounded, RT floors will achieve a mean resistance to ground of around 10W, making them excellent for grounding personnel (via appropriate ESD footwear) in an ESD Protected area or flammable atmosphere Zone.
RT-ESD-tile  comes with a lifetime guarantee and it will retain its performance even at the lowest ambient humidity conditions.
The following performance was measured according to IEC 61340-4-1 on sample tiles after conditioning for 48 hours at 12 ± 3%r.h. 23°C and testing in the same atmosphere.
Resistance to ground (W) @10V
Point to point resistance (W) @ 100V
9.07 x107
6.7 x105
Vertical resistance (W) @ 100V
1.1 x108
1.3 x106

When installed with a suitable grounding system RT ESD flooring will comply with the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1:2007 and ESD S20:20-2007.  

Technical Data
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