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ESD trousers or ESD-pants, also called Antistatic garments, are identical to ESD-Lab coats, ESD-Jackets,ESD T-Shirts, ESD fitted woven shirts for men and women, ESD-Polo-Shirts, ESD Trousers, ESD-Sweatshirts, Cleanroom clothing, clothing with conductive properties. In practice this means that in the ESD textile a conductive yarn is woven into a specific pattern. This pattern can take many forms which need to meet the international accepted ESD-standards, the "Grid" is the only option. This pattern must be taken to ensure that controlled loads are discharged. The conductive yarns may not be more than 10mm apart.

The most critical element in ESD clothing (ESD pants), in addition to whether or not use of conductive yarn, is the washing of the ESD_clothes.  Is the used conductive yarn resistant to the temperature, the used washing powders?

In addition to our standard models, we can design and manufacture your own models, starting from 50 pieces, according to your corporate identity.

All SuperStat® ESD-Trousers or ESD pants are specially designed to optimum comfort, durability and according to the ESD standards guaranteeing they can be washed industrially and after 50 washes still meet the international standard IEC 61340-5-1/5-2.

ESD Trousers
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Unisex Anti-Static ESD trousers, High Stat, color grey, sizes available in S/M/L/XL - Customized clothing available from 50pcs. Other colors available on ...
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Comfortable and breathable static dissipative pants, for use in EPA Electrostatic Protective Area
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